SpatialWMS is an open source geospatial web mapserver based on JavaEE 5 and MySQL Spatial Database.

SpatialWMS is platform independent , requires Java 5 or higher, as it makes use of new Java language features such as annotations and generics and runs in a Java 5 Enterprise Edition environment . SpatialWMS provides capabilities to integrate and render geospatial data over the web. SpatialWMS uses the spatial capability included with MySQL database to manage geographic data.

The SpatialWMS rendering engine connects to the MySQL database through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). It reads the map metadata from the database, and applies the metadata to the retrieved spatial data during rendering process.

SpatialWMS exposes it services through MapXML (MXL) Application programming Interface used for formulating requests for SpatialWMS and generating responses .The MXL API is wrapped into a JAVA API for application developers freeing them from manipulating the map requests and responses directly providing excellent extensibility and flexibility.

The current release of SpatialWMS supports two-dimensional vector geometries stored in MySQL.The primary benefit of SpatialWMS is its smart integration with MySQL Spatial and provides an opensource alternative to the highly priced commercial Web MapServer offerings.

SpatialWMS features include :
- OpenGIS WMS 1.1.1 connector.
- MapXML Protocol for request and response.
- Support for OGC SLD and Filter specifications.
- Supports variety of output image formats including transparency.
- Thematic mapping.
- SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) support.
- On the fly map coordiante system transformation.
- Java Client API.
- Both Spatial and Attribute query support through OGC Filter specification.
- Raster Support for Georeferenced images(TIF,GeoTiff).
- MultiLanguage Support.
- Spatial Database Connection Pooling.
- Easy to install and setup.
- Scalable architecture based on JavaEE5.

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